If you are looking to reglazing Shower, Sink, Bathtub or Tiles and wondering how much does it cost, then keep reading this blog,

I am going to cover how much does reglaze costs, depending upon what you like to reglaze. Let’s understand in detail.


What is Reglazing and what are their types?

Reglazing, Refinishing, Resurfacing are common words used by people for repairing their bathtub.


Bathtub Reglazing:

The stain is the main reason why people are reglazing their bathtubs. Due to the stain, your bathtub looks old and dirty. You have two options to choose from, between replacing your bathtub with a new one or reglazing your bathtub. Bathtub refinishing is a cheaper option than replacing the bathtub. Resurfaced bathtubs are easy to clean and proper cleaning procedures. A refinished bathtub will look like new for the next 10-15 years. It is the reason why people choose bathtubs reglazing than buying a new bathtub.



The average cost of reglazing the bathtub would be about 350$-500$. While replacing it with a new bathtub costs over 3000$. For replacing a bathtub it would add an additional cost of plumbing, labor, new rub, flooring, and permits which would be definitely higher than reglazing.


Tiles Resurfacing:

Refinishing of tile is a better option than buying a new tile for your bathroom.  Renewing is a costly process in comparison to refinishing. Tile refinishing transforms your old and outdated bathrooms into ones that look brand new.


Difference Between Ceramic tile refinishing and Painting ceramic tile.

Do you know the difference between ceramic tile refinishing and Painting ceramic tile? Ceramic tile refinishing is a process that involves specialized equipment, primers, bonding agents, topcoats and clear finishes. The differences between painting versus refinishing tile are durability, surface gloss and how long the new surface will last. That is the reason why professionals choose ceramic tile refinishing.


Costing of Refinishing tile is in the range of 16$ to 95$ per square foot. You have to pay approximately 1000$ to resurface your bathroom tiles. It would be cheaper than renewing your bathroom tiles.


Shower Reglazing:

Shower Reglazing can be completed in less than a day with resurfaced showers available to use for the next day. Shower Reglazing is significantly cheaper than any other shower modeling. It will stay as shiny as after being reglazed for 10-15 years without any further treatment.



Its pricing depends on the surface area and how much treatment it requires. You can contact your local surface specialist for costing if we don’t have a franchise in your area.

Cost Of Reglazing:


  • Sink Reglazing $50 to $150

When your sink is spoiled by a stain that you can’t rub out how much you scrub then you need to reglaze your sink. The material cost to reglaze the sink is around 26$- $29 per sink. The total cost of reglazing sink with labor and material is approximately between 400$-500$.



  • Bathtub reglazing $200 to $650 

The material and size of the bathtub affects the overall costs of reglazing it. 150$-300$ is labour work which is included in the total cost of bathtub reglazing. This process will give a new look and shine to your bathtub.

  • Tiles reglazing 16$ to 95$

Tile reglazing cost is counted according to the surface area covered. The cost would be around 16$-95$ per square foot. For floor tiles reglazing 1000$ is the asking price by professionals.

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If you are thinking of reglazing your bathroom on your own then you might be wrong, if you try reglazing your bathroom by yourself you will end up with indigent finishing that is more likely to wear out after a short time. So it is always better to choose professional overdoing it yourself.

Your finishing won’t be as smooth as the finishing done by the professional. You might give more damage to your bathroom. Professional gives your bathroom perfect finishing and renews the surface of your bathroom and makes it like a new one. So bathroom reglazing would be a better option for you and it is cheaper than replacing it.

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