Understanding Whether You Should Reglaze Or Replace

It is scientifically proven that taking a calm bath improves both your physical and mental health. But only if you are relaxing in a clean, shiny and hygienic bathtub.




A tub that is chipped, scratched, rusty, or worn can make your bathroom look unattractive and out-dated. That doesn’t mean you have to head to the store and get a new one for yourself.

You’ve got another option that is Bathtub Reglazing.           

We’ve put together this article to guide you about If Bathtub Refinishing really worth it over Bathtub Replacing ? and When is it worth it to reglaze the bathtub?

But first, you must know what is Bathtub Resurfacing or Reglazing? Before diving into deeper knowledge.

So, Let’s start!

What is Reglazing?


Reglazing, also known as Refinishing or Resurfacing, is a process of recoating and refreshing a chip(cracked), dull and scratchy surface. It gets rid of surface imperfections and makes it look like a new one again.

You will need professionals to do it for you. They will remove any light scratches and stains. They’ll fill in any cracks or chips. After that, they’ll cover your tub in a coat of primer and paint. Once it’s done, They will do one last buffing.

Also, Some tubs need more than a simple reglazing treatment. We’ll be giving you a quick guide about when and how is it worth it over replacing.



Is it worth it over replacing?


It is totally cost-efficient to reglaze the bathtub than replacing it with a new one unless it is broken at some part and causing major leaking. Reglazing also makes your bathtub look new and shiny, and also it costs cheaper than replacing with a new one.

Also, Reglazing extends bathtub life. It can last for years and beyond your expectations for chipped and cracked surface, if it is done properly and carefully.

As you’re choosing to reglaze the bathtub instead of replacing, you don’t have to dump your old bathtub in the landfill. Which will limit the effect on climate. In other words, it is Eco-friendly.


Understanding When It Is Worth to reglaze and replace the bathtub

Bathtub Refinishing is worth the investment if your tub is still in good working condition. Here are few signs that tell you reglazing is a good option for you…


  • Stains:

As time passes, Your bathtub is most likely to get stains which will ruin your relaxing bath experience. Reglazing is the best and affordable option for it. Which will most likely to remove or cover the stains and make it shine like new.



  • Shallow Scratches:

You can also fill in shallow and minor scratches with reglazing. You can also refill most cracks.


  • Tight Budget:

Reglazing is cheaper than replacing as explained above. Not only you have to pay to purchase a new bathtub but also you have to pay professionals to move your old one out of your house. This process might go out of budget. So if you want to get a better bath experience in an affordable way, Reglazing is a wise option.

But Some Tubs might have gone too far for reglazing. Some are signs such as major cracks, leaking, needs constant repairing and Full of molds, shows that you should give up on your bathtub and get a new one.

How has your bathtub been lately?

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