Tile Wall Reglazing And Refinishing

Tile Wall Reglazing And Refinishing

Have your bathroom or kitchen wall tiles become an eyesore? Has the color of your tiles, which was all the rage in the ’60s or 70’s become an unsightly embarrassment?

Decades pass, styles come and go, but your kitchen or bathroom wall tile lingers with the same ugly color the previous owners chose. And on top of that, tiles get cracked, chipped, stained, and scratched while the grout between the tiles gets dirtier and harder to clean. Your first thought is probably to replace all the tiles. But is it really worth the cost and mess? We can restore and refinish them on-site in just a few short hours. Let us renew your bathroom and refinish the tiles professionally for a fraction of the cost of tile replacement.

You don’t have to worry if your tile has been cracked or broken by accident. At NewShine, fixing ugly cracked, chipped, or broken tiles are our specialty. Your home should be a place of peace and refreshment. We can make your bathroom or kitchen feel just like. We can easily reglaze the tiles in your bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Read on to know what we have to offer as part of our tiles reglazing services.

01. Why choose NewShine ?

NewShine has been serving Los Angeles county for over 10 years with more than 10,000 happy customers. We not only believe in providing high-quality reglazing and refinishing services to homeowners, but also providing it as safely and affordably as possible.

02. Why Tile Wall Reglazing and not Replacing?

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars weeks of dust and mess replacing old tiles. Instead, you can just get it reglazed. Tile wall reglazing is a cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive wall tiles

Benefits of Tiles Reglazing With Us

We are always known to use the best quality materials and provide the best tile refinishing services in town. We are proud to have experienced and certified professionals who have gone through a strict training program to refinish, reglaze, restore, and recolor different types of surfaces, such as fiberglass, porcelain, grout, ceramic, Formica, grout, etc. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed in Los Angeles to provide tiles reglazing. If you want to talk to our specialists or connect with some of our customers, we will be happy to share references with you and connect you to them.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Best quality materials
  • Accurate Results
  • More Customization Options
  • Hassle-Free
  • Regular checkups
  • Save on Labor Costs
  • Professional Workers

How is Tiles Reglazing Done?

At NewShine, we have skilled professionals to resurface, reglaze and refinish tiles with the following process –

Step 1

Replacing loose, chipped, or broken tiles, if any.

Step 2

Cleaning all the mess deeply and re-grouting.

Step 3

Filling any chips, holes, or cracks.

Step 4

Chemically wash all surfaces to be reglazed to guarantee the best bond possible.

Step 5

Cover up all the areas to avoid overspray.

Step 6

Ventilation system to remove all the fumes of the home.

Step 7

We apply 2 coats of hi-bond primer and 2 to 3 coats of Durabond refinishing paint.

Step 8

We re-caulk if necessary.

Note:- Please allow at least 48 hours to cure everything before you use it. Don’t use any abrasives or harmful chemicals when it comes to cleaning up.

Find How Much Does
Tiles Refinishing Cost

The cost of tile reglazing services in Los Angeles is always much less expensive than choosing to remodel. The tile reglazing process in your bathroom is very simple. But there are certain factors due to which cost of tile refinishing services in Los Angeles may vary.

Like a lot of projects related to home renovation, the cost of tiles reglazing depends highly on the project size. Sometimes, a small area is needed for reglazing while others need reglazing the whole shower area or more. Get an in-home estimate from our experts. 

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    Cost-effective Tiles Refinishing With Us

    If you want to improve the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom, NewShine is the one-stop destination where our professionals ensure everything will be done to perfection. Want proof? See what our past customers have to say –

    Before and After Tiles Reglazing

    Our experts have transformed old, dingy, and outdated bathrooms into ones that look brand new. Got cracks and chips in your kitchen? We can make your bathroom look like it did the day it was installed. Check out our unbeatable services with some of the real before and after shots.

    Tile wall reglazing helps you to eliminate different kinds of stains like Water stains, rust stains, mold, mildew, and Hair Dye Stain

    Before and After Bathtub & Shower Reglazing
    Before and After Tile Wall Refinishing
    Before and After Tile Wall Reglazing
    Before and After Shower Refinishing

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    NewShine is proudly offering its services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If you want to renew your bathroom or kitchen tiles, feel free to call us. Don’t replace it, reglaze it! We offer competitive prices and the best service in town. Here are the areas we are currently serving in -

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