Bathtub Reglazing


Bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing are commonly known as the same thing which in essence is the process of resurfacing an old, worn out bathtub to a restored and new appearance condition by bonding a fresh new glaze finish over the scraped and cleaned surface of the tub. And therefore because of this process we now have the common terms used in this trade as refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing.


Bathtub Refinishing is a logical choice


Bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing were started out of a real need in the homeowner and landlord community to minimize cost and yet maintain beauty and pride of ownership in bathtubs, showers, sinks, faucets and overall bathroom and even kitchen fixtures.

In the past if, for example, a bathtub was chipped, scratched, worn out, and had a dull like and stained appearance then the only option was to fully replace that bathtub along with all the plumbing expenses that came with it. However in today’s day and age that problem can be remedied much more easily and at a fraction of a cost. Plus your bathtub would be resurfaced right there and then, on site, without tile breaking and replacing, tub removal, or re-plumbing, and it will be completed within just a couple of hours.


And since the time and labor to buy and replace a bathtub

It can add up to at least a couple of thousands of dollars whether you are hiring the professional or you are handy and confident to take on that kind of project.

… it’s no wonder more people choose to go with a simple resurface of the tub to have the beautiful new shine with the reglaze.



Refinishing Method



The bathtub refinishing and reglazing process takes anywhere from three to four hours and allows the bathtub to be ready for use after 24 hours.

Different people have different methods and different materials in the reglazing process but the overall process is similar;

  • Mask and cover environment
  • Prepare work area
  • Clean and scrub bathtub with appropriate professional industry solution
  • Scrape off any existing glaze from a previous application, if applicable
  • Spray on an epoxy primer
  • And finally spray on an acrylic topcoat.

Picking the right company who takes the time to fully implement each and every one of these steps is very important. If the refinishing process is done properly, and you allow time in letting the reglazed bathtub to heal and dry, then you will be satisfied with this excellent cost effective alternative to replacing an old worn out bathtub.



New Shine Bathtub Refinishing specializes in all types of bathtubs even if they are chipped, cracked fiberglass, cast iron, and/or acrylic bathtubs. At a fraction of the cost for replacement, we will resurface your porcelain, ceramic, acrylic and most fiberglass surfaces to a like new condition. To prevent any kind of slip and fall accidents, our Anti-Slip service includes a polymer particle system during the resurfacing process that will both help minimize a fall and still maintain the beauty you want in your bathtub.

At New Shine Bathtub Refinishing, we feature the best finishing products that are scientifically designed to resist peeling, chipping, or discoloration. Our service is fully warranted. We strive to satisfy our clients and will go over and beyond to earn your satisfaction.

Please call us if you have any questions and to schedule an appointment for your shower, sink, and bathtub reglazing at 1-626-360-9111.


Bathtub Refinishing