The reglazing word was commonly used among the customer rather than the industry itself instead of the word bathtub refinishing. It is a process of restoring old bathtubs, sinks, showers, or jacuzzi through the professionally applied coating and to replicate the look which the naked eye cannot describe the change between restoring or replacing

While replacing means to purchase a new bathtub, sink, or jacuzzi to replace the old ones. That will cost you more than thousands of dollars.


So here are the benefits of

reglazing over replacing bathtub:


1.  Labor charges:

Reglazing the bathtub comes with several processes although the process can vary depending upon professionals which materials they use to reglaze the bathtub. A professional cleans the surface of the tub thoroughly and then applies an acid to create a rough surface, which will allow the glaze to adhere to the tub and prevent peeling or chipping later. After the glaze cures, the tub is sanded, buffed, and then polished.

While replacing Bathtub comes with a high amount of labor charges. If you have an old bathtub then it should dismantle properly. And after dumping the old bathtub the new bathtub is installed. Well, the installation of a new bathtub also comes with several new processes, you have to install or extend the pipes for inlets and outlets as the new bathtub comes with a new design.


2.  Extends your bathtub life:

If bathtub reglazing or jacuzzi reglazing is done properly and maintained carefully then, it can last for years or probably beyond your expectations for a chipped or damaged fixture. As nowadays materials are not having a purity of old times, So the new bathtub doesn’t have the same quality of materials as the old ones.


3.  Low cost:

The absolute expense of a new bathtub isn’t simply the price tag. In order to complete the process of the total cost of a brand new bathtub, you have to consider the cost of a plumber, replacement of the surround, and removal of garbage/junk which is necessary and that is the most expensive part.

By reglazing the bathtub instead of replacing it, it will give you the same result in 1/10th cost of replacing.


4.  It’s Eco-Friendly:

Since you’re deliberately deciding not to choose a new tub and dump your old one in a landfill, that’s a choice that limits your effect on the climate and sets aside your cash. Also, the materials which are used in the reglazing process are also environmentally friendly.


5.  Quality:

If you have an older Bathtub or jacuzzi which is in good condition and if you want to give it a new look then refinishing the product will end up resulting in a higher quality of the product than anything you can purchase in-store. In many cases new Bathtub or jacuzzi is not made with the same quality material or craftsmanship as older ones are, and reglazing can give you an incredibly well-made, well-maintained end product.


Who should reglaze?

Those people who have cracks, chips, water stains, sun damage, or outdated color in their bathtub, sink, or jacuzzi should consider the reglazing or refinishing option. A new bathtub will cost you more than 3000$ including all additional expenses of plumbing, finishing, and cleaning. While reglazing or refinishing will cost you an average of 300$-650$ depending on your bathtub type and size




  • Reglazing requires a significantly less amount of labor charges than replacing it with a new one.
  • Rather than replacing your bathtub, Reglazing it would extend its life span by several years.
  • Replacing a new bathtub with an old one comes with a heavy price tag so reglazing the existing bathtub is the best option.
  • Reglazing the old bathtub gives you the same feel as the new bathtub with just 1/10 cost of replacing


So as you have already read the difference between reglazing over replacing it is obvious that reglazing is a better option unless and until it is completely broken. Reglazing a bathtub or jacuzzi would give you the feel of a brand new product without purchasing the new one.