First, let’s understand what reglazing is…

Bathtub reglazing, sink refinishing, and shower reglazing refer to the process of restoring the impossible to clean yellowness as well as the strains on the products which can not be removed without professional tools. People often Reglaze or Refinish Tile, Bathtub, sinks, showers, etc. to avoid the excess cost of replacing them. After having your Bathtub Reglazed even the naked eye won’t see the difference between the reglazed and replaced one. It would literally look like a new bathtub.



Professional Service

The Reglazing and refinishing of bathtubs, tiles, sinks, and jacuzzi are generally done by professionals who are in this field for several years. For Bathtub Reglazing professionals commonly use hydrofluoric acid, afterward they flush and sand the tub. When the old finish is gone, the professionals clean the tub to eliminate soil, dust, and different materials and fill openings or breaks in the tub. Now it is ready for Bathtub Refinishing. They add two coats of Primer and 2 to 3 coats of DuraCoat Reglaze. Which is a Polyurethane material. It is a complex procedure that requires professional touch for better finishing of the product. The finish on a reglazed bathtub which is done by professionals can last up to 15 years if you take proper care of it.



In the field of restoration, Professionals are always preferred over doing it yourself. Professionals also provide service for Sink Refinishing, Bathtub resurfacing, and Sink resurfacing.


How can you choose the Best Reglazing Services near you?

The reglazing and refinishing service needs years of experience for a perfect after product. So it is better to choose service providers who are quite experienced and are capable of getting your job done.

Some important points you should consider before choosing any reglazing/refinishing service:


  • Experience: It’s better to choose a company with several years of experience which can handle difficult tasks with ease.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews that are provided by customers would help you choose the appropriate service.
  • Availability: You should check for services that are available at one call and are located near you.
  • Customer Service: The service provider which you choose should provide you with proper after-sale service.


Choosing an affordable and professional reglazing service would make your job easier as you won’t have to worry about any aspect of the process. The professionals would take care of everything and get the job done within days. Some people use ready-made kits for bathtub reglazing which is always a bad idea as it is not as reliable as the tools which are used by professionals. It also tends to last for a short time and you will need to do the reglazing again.

Now the question is how long will the glazing last. Well, it heavily depends on factors like how well you maintain and clean the finish in the long run and whether you did the glazing work yourself or hire a professional for the job. The work done by professionals lasts longer than done by you.


Can you do reglazing yourself?

The answer is yes but there is a major throwback of doing the bathtub reglazing yourself. You will end up with a poor finishing of the bathtub that is more likely to peel after a short time. A Do-it-yourself covering is a lot harder than normal paint and is not as durable as a professionally applied coating. Many people try doing the reglazing themselves and end up damaging their bathtubs. The finishing of your work won’t be as smooth as the finishing done by the professionals. A decent resurfacing position on a bath ought to be exceptionally polished, smooth to the touch, and have a uniform appearance simply like another bath. So a home-done bathtub Reglazing won’t satisfy these basic needs. Better to choose a professional for the job and get your job done with perfection. Better to pick an expert for the work and get your work done flawlessly.


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